2 orders of fangirl
with a side of sass
...and 2 full sized orders of sass a la spock to go.

(raised on whedon, and never looked back)

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we've done the impossible
and that makes us mighty



If a guy tells you to go make him a sandwich go to kitchen bring knife kill him and use his meat for a sandwich then whisper “you asked me to make you a sandwich”

Are you trying to tell me there’s only 14 psychopaths on this website because I swear everyone I saw here seems like one

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"Kings" + Final Words

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E A R T H S  M I G H T I E S T  H E R O E S

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To be a good man is difficult. To be the best man you can be is even harder. Even though he doesn’t choose to wear his baggage on his sleeve, I think that’s his skill set. He doesn’t moan. There is a depth to him. There are always new things to find. (Evans)
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Raleigh’s “WE HAVE A SWORD?!” face cracks me up.

Home girl’s been waiting for this moment her whole freakin’ life

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My favorite part is how Phil’s not even slightly concerned. Not even a tiny bit tense. He’s just bopping there, waiting until she’s done. The sound of breaking bones is Natasha’s hold music.

The sound of breaking bones is Natasha’s hold music.

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Gospels from the mouth of DanRad

"fuck that, I’m Harry Potter"

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Oh, she’s awful. She said I was an absent male role model.

I will never stop reblogging this hahaha

Demon Giles is the best Giles.

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…And they have no purpose that unites them, so they just drift around, blundering through life until they die. Which they know is coming, yet every single one of them is surprised when it happens to them. They’re incapable of thinking about what they want beyond the moment. They kill each other, which is clearly insane, and yet, here’s the thing. When it’s something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they’re lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never… They never quit.

And so I guess I will keep fighting, too.

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